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When clear labels with standard permanent adhesive won't do the job, try our SuperStick LabelsTM - clear round labels for sealing your retail box or package.

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Super Stick Labels

SuperStick Labelstm

Research indicates that consumers prefer tamper evident seals on the retail packages they purchase.  This means having a super sticky label with strong adhesive is important.  SuperStick labelstm not only ensure that a package will remain closed, but they also serve as proof to your customer that the package is new and in good shape, even if it has been returned.


Being able to tell if a package has been opened or not is also important for safety reasons.  Some products could be dangerous to consume if they have been tampered with (food, pharmaceutical products, medical products, medicine, etc.)


With growing environmental awareness around the world, shrink wrap is becoming more and more frowned upon.  Not to mention the fact that it cannot ensure a box with a heavy product inside will stay shut and closed.


Many times, companies will seal a box with a clear round label for a professional look to their finished product.  Unfortunately not all clear round labels are created equal.  There is nothing worse than launching a new product and after distributing to your retail locations, getting a call to inform you that your boxes aren't staying shut and the labels are popping off because they aren't sticky enough.

Super Stick label seals

Our 1 1/2 inch Super Stick Label is shown in the above photograph


That's why SuperStick Labelstm and ExtremeStick Labelstm Labels are the way to go.  These crystal clear round labels won't obscure your graphics and make your finished product look outstanding.  But most importantly they won't pop off your boxes like standard adhesive clear round labels are prone to do.  Depending on the coating of your package or box, these labels can also add an extra benefit of showing when a box has been previously opened.


On most corrugated paper material, Super Stick Labels will make a small tear on the package when removed.  Extreme Stick has an even higher tack level (stronger adhesive) and is sometimes needed for boxes with UV coating or rough textured surfaces, although Super Stick will work just fine on many packages with UV coating.


A few websites that sell SuperStick labelstm and ExtremeStick labelstm include,  and  Although if you plan to use a lot of these labels, you should look for quantity discounts which aren't available on or  Quantity discounts for Super Stick clear round labels are available on both and


Much stickier than standard Bopp Stock!  Super Stick labels are a much higher quality, stronger adhesive, and actually work to keep your retail package sealed.

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